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"Shape has been one of our top suppliers for more than 10 years, providing quality-products, and on-time delivery, especially in rush situations, where they demonstrate time and again how willing they are to dive in and help. One of Shape’s key strengths is their ability to custom design products that meet our rather demanding, and unique, requirements. We’ve had an excellent relationship, and we’re confident it will continue to be so for a very long time."
Allan Fletcher, P.Eng.
Liberty Airport Systems, Inc.

"We are very proud of our more than 35-year relationship with Shape and truly appreciate their professional and refreshingly friendly and responsive approach toward service. With respect to products, we purchase custom ballasts from Shape for our medium pressure UV lamp systems, and are grateful for the engineering assistance we receive, which helps us design and manufacture the ultimate UV curing systems for the screen printing and label markets. We know we can always count on product reliability when dealing with Shape - in fact, many of our UV curing systems are still operating perfectly after more than 20 years in the field."
Mr. Meredith C. Stines
American Ultraviolet

"Our manufacturing company provides best in class products and customer service, and, therefore, our supply partners are an essential part of our business model. Shape, LLC is one of our most valuable suppliers, and for more than 25 years they have provided us with high quality transformers, design/engineering, and a supply channel that supports our lean manufacturing structure."
Brenda Porter
Vice President, Manufacturing
Vanner, Inc.

Mission Statement
With an unparalleled and professional commitment to service, quality, and value, Shape LLC provides our global customer base with innovative transformer solutions; and maintains a comfortable, inclusive and caring environment for our customers, community and workforce.

Since 1966 Shape has been providing customers throughout the world, including international OEM’s, with custom transformers and magnetic assemblies, voltage regulators, line conditioners, inductors and other types of innovative transformer solutions.


The combined experience of our design / engineering / management team alone, which includes CAD engineering support, easily exceeds 100 years. Our 29,000 sq. ft., non-union, manufacturing facility is located in the suburbs of Chicago, where 50+ experienced and cross-trained associates work within four primary manufacturing cells. All Shape team members work together in compliance with all domestic and international safety agency regulations that are customers require (UL, CSA, CE, etc.). We also implement a lean thinking production philosophy; practice JIT cell manufacturing with one-piece flow; and are committed to quick turn prototyping through the use of a dedicated cell.

All Shape products are built with UL-recognized insulations systems (Class B 130°C, Class H 180°C, Class N 200°C and Class R 220°C). We also offer:

  • In-line test stations in cells for pre-varnished product
  • 100% final testing on all product (hi-pot)
  • Roving QC inspection on the manufacturing floor
  • Vacuum impregnation varnish system, utilizing UL recognized environmentally safe insulating resin (which also reduces noise, and heat)
  • 5 ovens (curing varnished product)
  • Kanban capability

Manufacturing Flow Chart