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LineTamer Power Line ConditionersLineTamer Power Line Conditioners

"Shape has been one of our top suppliers for more than 10 years, providing quality-products, and on-time delivery, especially in rush situations, where they demonstrate time and again how willing they are to dive in and help. One of Shape’s key strengths is their ability to custom design products that meet our rather demanding, and unique, requirements. We’ve had an excellent relationship, and we’re confident it will continue to be so for a very long time."
Allan Fletcher, P.Eng.
Liberty Airport Systems, Inc.

"We are very proud of our more than 35-year relationship with Shape and truly appreciate their professional and refreshingly friendly and responsive approach toward service. With respect to products, we purchase custom ballasts from Shape for our medium pressure UV lamp systems, and are grateful for the engineering assistance we receive, which helps us design and manufacture the ultimate UV curing systems for the screen printing and label markets. We know we can always count on product reliability when dealing with Shape - in fact, many of our UV curing systems are still operating perfectly after more than 20 years in the field."
Mr. Meredith C. Stines
American Ultraviolet

"Our manufacturing company provides best in class products and customer service, and, therefore, our supply partners are an essential part of our business model. Shape, LLC is one of our most valuable suppliers, and for more than 25 years they have provided us with high quality transformers, design/engineering, and a supply channel that supports our lean manufacturing structure."
Brenda Porter
Vice President, Manufacturing
Vanner, Inc.



The foundation of Shape has always been electrical engineering. Our customer support in the application of custom magnetic products is unmatched in the transformer industry and our services include:

  • New product development
  • Interfacing electronic controls with power magnetics
  • Quoting existing OEM transformer designs

Optimizing a customer’s design with respect to cost, size, and manufacturability is a primary discipline at Shape. Invite our experienced engineers to assist with your next project and you’ll quickly realize the benefits of enhanced performance criteria, designed-in reliability, and manufacturing efficiencies that meet time sensitive deliveries. At Shape we’re proud to deliver an end product beyond your expectations, and responsible to our environment.

Specific Engineering Test Capabilities Include:

  • Turns ratio/polarity
  • Hi-pot
  • Partial Discharge
  • Induced Voltage
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Power Analysis: efficiency, power factor, harmonics
  • Measurement of: winding resistance, inductance, impedance
  • Resistive, capacitive, and inductive loading

Equipment Includes:

  • 50 HZ Motor Generators (2)
  • Auto Winders (4)
  • Air Compressors (2)
  • Amp Lug Presses (7)
  • Hand Winders (12)
  • LAMACO Laminating Machines - EL for Linear Transformers; FR for Ferro-resonant transformers (20)
  • Ovens (5)
  • Shunt Presses (2)

Upon request, Shape routinely provides compliance or certification to virtually all safety agency and environmental requirements (e.g. UL/CSA/VDE/CE/RoHS/REACH/Conflict Minerals).

Helpful Resources Include:

Conflict Minerals Reporting Template
Conflict Minerals Policy
LineTamer Power Line Conditioners Owner Manual
Controlled Ferroresonant Ballast Generation #3 Manual
Ripley Varnish MSDS
Ronken MSDS